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Five Top Tips for Choosing the Perfect Reading for Your Wedding!


In truth, I'm not a big fan of fluffy, over-the-top poems, and I think it's safe to say that most of my couples aren't either.

But I do understand how a well-chosen reading at a wedding ceremony can help people feel grateful, connected to others, and hopeful.

Adding a great reader who takes the time to deliver a quote, reading, or poem with poise and purpose can really make a wedding ceremony stand out.

But first, you need a good wedding reading, a reading that screams "us" from the mountaintops.

Well, you're in the right place! Choosing a wedding reading that truly reflects your unique personalities and journey is like adding a sprinkle of magic to your special day.

Here are five tips on how to choose a reading that screams "us".

1. Take a Trip Down Memory Lane: Alright, let's get sentimental! Take a trip down memory lane and relive your love story. What are those hilarious moments, crazy adventures, or sweet gestures that define your relationship? Think about the inside jokes, the epic dates, or the milestones you've conquered together. These little gems will help you uncover the perfect themes and elements for your reading.

2. Show Off Your Style: Are you planning a traditional shindig or a rockin' party that breaks all the rules? Knowing your wedding style will guide you in picking a reading that matches the vibe and sets the right emotional tone for your celebration.

3. Get Inspired, Get Creative: The world is jam-packed with words of love and inspiration. Open up your minds and seek inspiration from everywhere! Dive into books, poems, movies, songs, and even your favourite TV shows. Let your imagination run wild, and you'll discover hidden gems that speak directly to your hearts. Don't be afraid to think outside the box and go beyond the traditional wedding readings.

4. Get By With a Little Help from Your Friends: Do you have a talented friend or family member who's a wordsmith extraordinaire? Get them involved in your reading selection process! They can craft a personalized passage that showcases your unique love story. Like the beautiful words Natasha wrote for her brother Dom when he married Gemma.

Marriage is a compromise  Learning how to share Learning when to leave things be  And showing that you care   Marriage is a journey.  Filled with cheer and fun.  Working on goals and dreams  Individually and as one   Marriage is a garden. One planted here today. Where the love you share will flourish  And grow stronger by the day.
By Natasha Ren. Copyright © 2022. All rights reserved.

Natasha’s words added an extra touch of love and personal connection to Gemma and Dom’s ceremony. Alternatively, consider using a quote or passage that holds special meaning for you as a couple.

5. Embrace the Beautiful Tapestry of Love: Your wedding is a chance to celebrate diversity and love in all its forms. Consider including readings that honour different cultures, backgrounds, and perspectives. It's a beautiful way to show unity and embrace the richness of the world we live in.

Selecting a wedding reading that truly reflects who you are as a couple doesn't have to be a daunting task. It's a chance to infuse your ceremony with your own personalities, quirks, and amazing experiences.

Remember, too, that your celebrant is like the Yoda of weddings. They've got the experience and wisdom to help you choose the perfect reading. Share your ideas, preferences, and overall vision with them. They'll provide awesome guidance, suggest suitable readings, and help you strike a balance between personalisation and making everyone feel included.

So, follow these tips, have fun with them, and find that perfect reading that will make your wedding day even more unforgettable for you and your guests.

I'd love to know what reading you chose for your wedding, or get in touch if you would like a copy of my Sample Readings booklet.

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